Draper Historic Theatre

Not Yet, Pista

Presented by Lamplight Theatre Company


for pm Sat 28 Mar 2020 performance of event Not Yet, Pista

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Seating is located on the Stage, Access to stage is by stairs. If you need alternate access please contact the box office at boxoffice@drapertheatre.org

W-D-8 W-D-7 W-D-6 W-D-5 W-D-4 W-D-3 W-D-2 W-D-1 W-C-7 W-C-6 W-C-5 W-C-4 W-C-3 W-C-2 W-C-1 S-B-8 N-F-8 S-B-7 S-A-7 N-E-7 N-F-7 S-B-6 S-A-6 N-E-6 N-F-6 S-B-5 S-A-5 N-E-5 N-F-5 S-B-4 S-A-4 N-E-4 N-F-4 S-B-3 S-A-3 N-E-3 N-F-3 S-B-2 S-A-2 N-E-2 N-F-2 S-B-1 S-A-1 N-E-1 N-F-1 E-G-4 E-G-3 E-G-2 E-G-1 E-H-6 E-H-5 E-H-4 E-H-3 E-H-2 E-H-1
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