The Draper City Amphitheater

Little Texas Live

Thursday June 30, 2022 8pm


for pm Thu 30 Jun 2022 performance of event Little Texas Live

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Front Chairs & Grass Tiers Reserved Seating

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AA-25 AA-23 AA-21 AA-19 AA-17 AA-15 AA-13 AA-11 AA-9 AA-7 AA-5 AA-3 AA-1 AA-118 AA-117 AA-116 AA-115 AA-114 AA-113 AA-112 AA-111 AA-110 AA-109 AA-108 AA-107 AA-106 AA-105 AA-104 AA-103 AA-102 AA-101 AA-2 AA-4 AA-6 AA-8 AA-10 AA-12 AA-14 AA-16 AA-18 AA-20 AA-22 AA-24 AA-26 BB-27 BB-25 BB-23 BB-21 BB-19 BB-17 BB-15 BB-13 BB-11 BB-9 BB-7 BB-5 BB-3 BB-1 BB-118 BB-117 BB-116 BB-115 BB-114 BB-113 BB-112 BB-111 BB-110 BB-109 BB-108 BB-107 BB-106 BB-105 BB-104 BB-103 BB-102 BB-101 BB-2 BB-4 BB-6 BB-8 BB-10 BB-12 BB-14 BB-16 BB-18 BB-20 BB-22 BB-24 BB-26 BB-28 CC-27 CC-25 CC-23 CC-21 CC-19 CC-17 CC-15 CC-13 CC-11 CC-9 CC-7 CC-5 CC-3 CC-1 CC-120 CC-119 CC-118 CC-117 CC-116 CC-115 CC-114 CC-113 CC-112 CC-111 CC-110 CC-109 CC-108 CC-107 CC-106 CC-105 CC-104 CC-103 CC-102 CC-101 CC-2 CC-4 CC-6 CC-8 CC-10 CC-12 CC-14 CC-16 CC-18 CC-20 CC-22 CC-24 DD-27 DD-25 DD-23 DD-21 DD-19 DD-17 DD-15 DD-13 DD-11 DD-9 DD-7 DD-5 DD-3 DD-1 DD-121 DD-120 DD-119 DD-118 DD-117 DD-116 DD-115 DD-114 DD-113 DD-112 DD-111 DD-110 DD-109 DD-108 DD-107 DD-106 DD-105 DD-104 DD-103 DD-102 DD-101 DD-2 DD-4 DD-6 DD-8 DD-10 DD-12 DD-14 DD-16 DD-18 DD-20 DD-22 EE-29 EE-27 EE-25 EE-23 EE-21 EE-19 EE-17 EE-15 EE-13 EE-11 EE-9 EE-7 EE-5 EE-3 EE-1 EE-122 EE-121 EE-120 EE-119 EE-118 EE-117 EE-116 EE-115 EE-114 EE-113 EE-112 EE-111 EE-110 EE-109 EE-108 EE-107 EE-106 EE-105 EE-104 EE-103 EE-102 EE-101 EE-2 EE-4 EE-6 EE-8 EE-10 EE-12 EE-14 EE-16 EE-18 EE-20 FF-29 FF-27 FF-25 FF-23 FF-21 FF-19 FF-17 FF-15 FF-13 FF-11 FF-9 FF-7 FF-5 FF-3 FF-1 FF-123 FF-122 FF-121 FF-120 FF-119 FF-118 FF-117 FF-116 FF-115 FF-114 FF-113 FF-112 FF-111 FF-110 FF-109 FF-108 FF-107 FF-106 FF-105 FF-104 FF-103 FF-102 FF-101 FF-2 FF-4 FF-6 FF-8 FF-10 FF-12 FF-14 FF-16 FF-18 GG-29 GG-27 GG-25 GG-23 GG-21 GG-19 GG-17 GG-15 GG-13 GG-11 GG-9 GG-7 GG-5 GG-3 GG-1 GG-124 GG-123 GG-122 GG-121 GG-120 GG-119 GG-118 GG-117 GG-116 GG-115 GG-114 GG-113 GG-112 GG-111 GG-110 GG-109 GG-108 GG-107 GG-106 GG-105 GG-104 GG-103 GG-102 GG-101 GG-2 GG-4 GG-6 GG-8 GG-10 GG-12 GG-14 GG-16 HH-29 HH-27 HH-25 HH-23 HH-21 HH-19 HH-17 HH-15 HH-13 HH-11 HH-9 HH-7 HH-5 HH-3 HH-1 HH-125 HH-124 HH-123 HH-122 HH-121 HH-120 HH-119 HH-118 HH-117 HH-116 HH-115 HH-114 HH-113 HH-112 HH-111 HH-110 HH-109 HH-108 HH-107 HH-106 HH-105 HH-104 HH-103 HH-102 HH-101 HH-2 HH-4 HH-6 HH-8 HH-10 HH-12 HH-14 HH-16 JJ-21 JJ-19 JJ-17 JJ-15 JJ-13 JJ-11 JJ-9 JJ-7 JJ-5 JJ-3 JJ-1 JJ-2 JJ-4 JJ-6 JJ-8 JJ-10 JJ-12 JJ-14 JJ-16 JJ-18 JJ-20 JJ-22 KK-25 KK-23 KK-21 KK-19 KK-17 KK-15 KK-13 KK-11 KK-9 KK-7 KK-5 KK-3 KK-1 KK-125 KK-124 KK-123 KK-103 KK-102 KK-101 KK-2 KK-4 KK-6 KK-8 KK-10 KK-12 KK-14 KK-16 KK-18 KK-20 KK-22 KK-24 KK-26 A-23 A-21 A-19 A-17 A-15 A-13 A-11 A-9 A-7 A-5 A-3 A-1 A-113 A-112 A-102 A-101 A-2 A-4 A-6 A-8 A-10 A-12 A-14 A-16 A-18 A-20 A-22 A-24 B-25 B-23 B-21 B-19 B-17 B-15 B-13 B-11 B-9 B-7 B-5 B-3 B-1 B-114 B-113 B-112 B-111 B-110 B-109 B-108 B-107 B-106 B-105 B-104 B-103 B-102 B-101 B-2 B-4 B-6 B-8 B-10 B-12 B-14 B-16 B-18 B-20 B-22 B-24 B-26 C-27 C-25 C-23 C-21 C-19 C-17 C-15 C-13 C-11 C-9 C-7 C-5 C-3 C-1 C-115 C-114 C-113 C-112 C-111 C-110 C-109 C-108 C-107 C-106 C-105 C-104 C-103 C-102 C-101 C-2 C-4 C-6 C-8 C-10 C-12 C-14 C-16 C-18 C-20 C-22 C-24 C-26 C-28 D-29 D-27 D-25 D-23 D-21 D-19 D-17 D-15 D-13 D-11 D-9 D-7 D-5 D-3 D-1 D-116 D-115 D-114 D-113 D-112 D-111 D-110 D-109 D-108 D-107 D-106 D-105 D-104 D-103 D-102 D-101 D-2 D-4 D-6 D-8 D-10 D-12 D-14 D-16 D-18 D-20 D-22 D-24 D-26 D-28 D-30 E-31 E-29 E-27 E-25 E-23 E-21 E-19 E-17 E-15 E-13 E-11 E-9 E-7 E-5 E-3 E-1 E-117 E-116 E-115 E-114 E-113 E-112 E-111 E-110 E-109 E-108 E-107 E-106 E-105 E-104 E-103 E-102 E-101 E-2 E-4 E-6 E-8 E-10 E-12 E-14 E-16 E-18 E-20 E-22 E-24 E-26 E-28 E-30 E-32 F-31 F-29 F-27 F-25 F-23 F-21 F-19 F-17 F-15 F-13 F-11 F-9 F-7 F-5 F-3 F-1 F-118 F-117 F-116 F-115 F-114 F-113 F-112 F-111 F-110 F-109 F-108 F-107 F-106 F-105 F-104 F-103 F-102 F-101 F-2 F-4 F-6 F-8 F-10 F-12 F-14 F-16 F-18 F-20 F-22 F-24 F-26 F-28 F-30 F-32 G-33 G-31 G-29 G-27 G-25 G-23 G-21 G-19 G-17 G-15 G-13 G-11 G-9 G-7 G-5 G-3 G-1 G-119 G-118 G-117 G-116 G-115 G-114 G-113 G-112 G-111 G-110 G-109 G-108 G-107 G-106 G-105 G-104 G-103 G-102 G-101 G-2 G-4 G-6 G-8 G-10 G-12 G-14 G-16 G-18 G-20 G-22 G-24 G-26 G-28 G-30 G-32 G-34 H-35 H-33 H-31 H-29 H-27 H-25 H-23 H-21 H-19 H-17 H-15 H-13 H-11 H-9 H-7 H-5 H-3 H-1 H-120 H-119 H-118 H-117 H-116 H-115 H-114 H-113 H-112 H-111 H-110 H-109 H-108 H-107 H-106 H-105 H-104 H-103 H-102 H-101 H-2 H-4 H-6 H-8 H-10 H-12 H-14 H-16 H-18 H-20 H-22 H-24 H-26 H-28 H-30 H-32 H-34 H-36 I-37 I-35 I-33 I-31 I-29 I-27 I-25 I-23 I-21 I-19 I-17 I-15 I-13 I-11 I-9 I-7 I-5 I-3 I-1 I-121 I-120 I-119 I-118 I-117 I-116 I-115 I-114 I-113 I-112 I-111 I-110 I-109 I-108 I-107 I-106 I-105 I-104 I-103 I-102 I-101 I-2 I-4 I-6 I-8 I-10 I-12 I-14 I-16 I-18 I-20 I-22 I-24 I-26 I-28 I-30 I-32 I-34 I-36 I-38 J-39 J-37 J-35 J-33 J-31 J-29 J-27 J-25 J-23 J-21 J-19 J-17 J-15 J-13 J-11 J-9 J-7 J-5 J-3 J-1 J-122 J-121 J-120 J-119 J-118 J-117 J-116 J-115 J-114 J-113 J-112 J-111 J-110 J-109 J-108 J-107 J-106 J-105 J-104 J-103 J-102 J-101 J-2 J-4 J-6 J-8 J-10 J-12 J-14 J-16 J-18 J-20 J-22 J-24 J-26 J-28 J-30 J-32 J-34 J-36 J-38 J-40 K-41 K-39 K-37 K-35 K-33 K-31 K-29 K-27 K-25 K-23 K-21 K-19 K-17 K-15 K-13 K-11 K-9 K-7 K-5 K-3 K-1 K-122 K-121 K-120 K-119 K-118 K-117 K-116 K-115 K-114 K-113 K-112 K-111 K-110 K-109 K-108 K-107 K-106 K-105 K-104 K-103 K-102 K-101 K-2 K-4 K-6 K-8 K-10 K-12 K-14 K-16 K-18 K-20 K-22 K-24 K-26 K-28 K-30 K-32 K-34 K-36 K-38 K-40 K-42 L-43 L-41 L-39 L-37 L-35 L-33 L-31 L-29 L-27 L-25 L-23 L-21 L-19 L-17 L-15 L-13 L-11 L-9 L-7 L-5 L-3 L-1 L-124 L-123 L-122 L-121 L-120 L-119 L-118 L-117 L-116 L-115 L-114 L-113 L-112 L-111 L-110 L-109 L-108 L-107 L-106 L-105 L-104 L-103 L-102 L-101 L-2 L-4 L-6 L-8 L-10 L-12 L-14 L-16 L-18 L-20 L-22 L-24 L-26 L-28 L-30 L-32 L-34 L-36 L-38 L-40 L-42 L-44 M-45 M-43 M-41 M-39 M-37 M-35 M-33 M-31 M-29 M-27 M-25 M-23 M-21 M-19 M-17 M-15 M-13 M-11 M-9 M-7 M-5 M-3 M-1 M-124 M-123 M-122 M-121 M-120 M-119 M-118 M-117 M-116 M-115 M-114 M-113 M-112 M-111 M-110 M-109 M-108 M-107 M-106 M-105 M-104 M-103 M-102 M-101 M-2 M-4 M-6 M-8 M-10 M-12 M-14 M-16 M-18 M-20 M-22 M-24 M-26 M-28 M-30 M-32 M-34 M-36 M-38 M-40 M-42 M-44 M-46 N-47 N-45 N-43 N-41 N-39 N-37 N-35 N-33 N-31 N-29 N-27 N-25 N-23 N-21 N-19 N-17 N-15 N-13 N-11 N-9 N-7 N-5 N-3 N-1 N-125 N-124 N-123 N-122 N-121 N-120 N-119 N-118 N-117 N-116 N-115 N-114 N-113 N-112 N-111 N-110 N-109 N-108 N-107 N-106 N-105 N-104 N-103 N-102 N-101 N-2 N-4 N-6 N-8 N-10 N-12 N-14 N-16 N-18 N-20 N-22 N-24 N-26 N-28 N-30 N-32 N-34 N-36 N-38 N-40 N-42 N-44 N-46 N-48 O-49 O-47 O-45 O-43 O-41 O-39 O-37 O-35 O-33 O-31 O-29 O-27 O-25 O-23 O-21 O-19 O-17 O-15 O-13 O-11 O-9 O-7 O-5 O-3 O-1 O-126 O-125 O-124 O-123 O-122 O-121 O-120 O-119 O-118 O-117 O-116 O-115 O-114 O-113 O-112 O-111 O-110 O-109 O-108 O-107 O-106 O-105 O-104 O-103 O-102 O-101 O-2 O-4 O-6 O-8 O-10 O-12 O-14 O-16 O-18 O-20 O-22 O-24 O-26 O-28 O-30 O-32 O-34 O-36 O-38 O-40 O-42 O-44 O-46 O-48 O-50 P-51 P-49 P-47 P-45 P-43 P-41 P-39 P-37 P-35 P-33 P-31 P-29 P-27 P-25 P-23 P-21 P-19 P-17 P-15 P-13 P-11 P-9 P-7 P-5 P-3 P-1 P-127 P-126 P-125 P-124 P-123 P-122 P-121 P-120 P-119 P-118 P-117 P-116 P-115 P-114 P-113 P-112 P-111 P-110 P-109 P-108 P-107 P-106 P-105 P-104 P-103 P-102 P-101 P-2 P-4 P-6 P-8 P-10 P-12 P-14 P-16 P-18 P-20 P-22 P-24 P-26 P-28 P-30 P-32 P-34 P-36 P-38 P-40 P-42 P-44 P-46 P-48 P-50 P-52 Q-43 Q-41 Q-39 Q-37 Q-35 Q-33 Q-31 Q-29 Q-27 Q-25 Q-23 Q-21 Q-19 Q-17 Q-15 Q-13 Q-11 Q-9 Q-7 Q-5 Q-3 Q-1 Q-128 Q-127 Q-126 Q-125 Q-124 Q-123 Q-122 Q-121 Q-120 Q-119 Q-118 Q-117 Q-116 Q-115 Q-114 Q-113 Q-112 Q-111 Q-110 Q-109 Q-108 Q-107 Q-106 Q-105 Q-104 Q-103 Q-102 Q-101 Q-2 Q-4 Q-6 Q-8 Q-10 Q-12 Q-14 Q-16 Q-18 Q-20 Q-22 Q-24 Q-26 Q-28 Q-30 Q-32 Q-34 Q-36 Q-38 Q-40
Front Chairs
 $28 ×   

Grass Tiers
 $23 ×   
  •  Wheelchair Space